Conformus is a comprehensive suite that manages various facets of your compliance needs. Our integrated modules cover the spectrum from business process documentation, controls documentation, testing and continuous monitoring of controls, change management, remediation and issues resolution, certification, surveys and risk management to informative reports and interactive dashboards.

Conformus GRC solution is a powerful software that can be used by enterprises to manage their compliance efforts. With Conformus, you can document, author, map and distribute policies and controls and manage exceptions. Make management of compliance obligations a process, rather than a project and use the information from reports and charts to make more informed decisions across the organization.

The Conformus suite is made up of the following modules:

Business Process Modeling

Business process are documented and embedded with intelligent links to the controls. Hence when a control is changed, the business process documentation is automatically changed with the new control definition. There are no numeric limits to the amount of text you can have in the process or the number of processes and sub processes. Changes are made in one central location and are automatically propagated to ensure that the data is always current. Generatable the latest version of the narratives and control matrices.

Controls and Objectives

Support for COSO, COBIT and other frameworks. Define financial controls, IT general controls, environment controls and other controls using the integrated platform. It is easy to import existing controls. There are various reporting attributes, test plan parameters and links to functions and processes

Defining Risk

Risk can be defined or imported from existing sources. Different risk ratings can be assigned, or the system can compute the risk based on different parameters and weights.

Controls Testing

Testing can be manual, automated or blend of both. Testing of controls is made easy with our spreadsheet interface and sampling plans. Open up the document at the specific location of annotations on evidence documents attached by the tester. Have multi level of testers, approvers and reviewers. Effortlessly manage interactions between testers, approvers and reviewers and maintain an electronic trail. Know the status of the testing at the click of a button.


This is useful for continuous compliance, segregation of duties, violations, setup configurations etc. The scheduler can be used to schedule these jobs on a regular basis.


Dashboard provide summary views of the compliance as well as detailed information at the transaction level. Drill down capabilities provides management and compliance officers with the capability to get to the transactional information to make meaningful decisions.

Audit trail and Change Control

A complete audit trail of the changes is maintained. Change History reports provide summary as well as detailed field level changes of the relevant entities. Depending on the preference of the company, various levels of the change tracking can be set at the application level.


Quarterlt certifications, sub-certifications as well as custom certification are routed electronically with the workflow. The status of sign offs and exceptions are visible across the enterprise for management.

Survey Management

The survey module helps with data gathering and self testing. Survey results can be validated based on the acceptance thresholds defined in the application. During the data creation phase, the survey creator can create various questions with radio buttons, checkbox etc. to make the survey effective.

Workflow, Scheduling and Alerts

Conformus as built in workflow and alerting capabilities. Users can also setup their own alerts. The workflow automatically schedules and assigns tasks to users work queues. Alerts show up on the Users homepage. The workflow and alerts are integrated with email systems like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

Document Repository

Acentral repository to store documents of various file format works with various documentation systems, helps in gathering data from external ERP and electronic data systems in real time.


Disclosures can be defined specified to a quarter the status of filing is tracked in the system and the same are visible across the enterprise for management.

Audit Pack

Automatically generate relevant document external auditors in electronic format. The output is neatly formatted and organized in chapters.

Benefits of Conformus

Comprehensive integrated GRC solution for entire compliance.

Rapid deployment, import of existing data, scalability and minimal training.

User friendly and secure tool for process owners, auditors, management and end users.

Change tracking and audit trail.

Continuous monitoring of controls and process.

Facility to reference annotations to various documents(PDF,DOC,XLS). CLick on the link to open refernced document/page.

Secure, centralized repository to store various kind of documents.

Internationalization-Multi language support.

Drill down dashboards and reports.

Workflow, scheduling and alerting.

Integrated with Outlook and email system, LDPA system.

Offline Certification - Certification to be done even though the user is unable to login to conformus.

Export data and reports to desktop tools like Word,Excel and Acrobat.

Automatic generation of audit pack

RSS Feed Configuration - Ability to include RSS Feed specific to a user and the task.

Reduction in expenses for internal and external audit.