Dextus is a web based e-Learning platform that provides an easy and intuitive way for self- paced learning, test taking, training management and human resources development. It provides an efficient means of disseminating knowledge and adapting to the changing needs of skill sets in a competitive environment and plays a major role in the development of your human resources.

Identifying the training needs and chalking out a training plan is just the first step towards developing your human resources – and all businesses have made this an important part of their process

So what sets you apart and gives you the much-desired edge over your competition? It is the ability to differentiate from the rest of the pack with developing and deploying 'on-the-run' e-Learning solutions to scale up the skill sets of your staff.

Dextus equips you with that ability. Unlike run-of-the-mill e-learning solutions that adopt the standard top-down training approach, Dextus addresses the training requirements of your organization in their totality.

Dextus also helps you address the need for your organization to be compliant with various regulatory training courses (for e.g. corporate governance, sexual harassment etc.). Having documented and published your policies, you need to make sure that your personnel worldwide have understood them and are aware of the mandatory compliance requirements. Dextus helps ensure that everyone understands the contents and have certified their completion of these mandatory courses.